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i think he is trying to communicate with me!?

theres been this squirrel living outside my house. each morning he looks at me through the window and gives me this crazy-eyed look, like he knows something i dont. i really think this squirrel might be unordinary. also some tips on how to take care of squirrels would be appreciated because i think im going…

What is the best way to duck out of a baby shower?

An acquaintance (not a good friend) is having a baby shower thrown for her in 2 weeks. I really don’t want to go because I’v suffered multiple recurrent-miscarriages, and am now nearing 40 years old, and feel very sad at the thought of never having my own baby. I find it very hard to go…

waht can i give my 11 months baby to table food or fingure food?

waht can i give my 11 months baby to table food or fingure food?

when will i start feeling my baby kicking I am 17 weeks 1 day

I got an ultra sound last night when in hospital for gall bladder attack and he seems to be jumpin around like a mad man :D this is my second child but my first is 5 years old! and maybe i forgot or thought it was around this time that I felt my last son…

38 1/2 weeks and having mild cramping?

Okay so here’s my story: On wednesday I had my doctors appointment and when she checked me I was 1 cm dilated and then she decided to stretch my cervix (very uncomfortable!). About 4 hours later I lost my mucus plug, there was a lot that came out so I think it was the whole…

I am pregnant who is the daddy?…the one…?

the guy that i love or the guy who I used to date…the story…I was dating this guy who seemed really nice but he turned out not to be after we did the do and then i met this amazing guy i am now engaged to who is really kind to me and our daugter…

Awesome baby names:) Which one is your fave?

GIRLS Kathryn Amber Sophia BOYS sean eric I already have a son named Hayden if that makes a difference. I think they all sound good with Hayden;)

18 weeks 1 day and scared somethings wrong.?

This morning I woke up and my stomach was half the size it normally is, my breasts were back down to pre-pregnancy size and I didn’t feel the baby move at all yesterday or this morning. I’m really concerned and my doctor is on holidays so the only options I have are walk-in clinics where…

Baby Girl Name This or That?

Ariadne Eleanor Scarlett or Ariadne Eleanor Tabitha Alice Eleanor Scarlett or Alice Eleanor Tabitha Last Name is Smith :) BQ: Do you like Alice or Ariadne (Are-ree-ad-nay) better? The nickname for Ariadne will be Aria if that helps :P

Calender for Baby Gender Predition?

Please visit the site As for my family I find it 100% accurate. Waiting for your comments