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Boys name -Jeremy Rhys- Yay or Nay?

(I’ve recently been put on bed rest so I really have nothing better to do than ask a lot of questions) =) You can answer however you like, whether it’s short and sweet or long and in depth, it’s upto you =) Thank ya. Sincerely Sam

My son is 4 and 1/2 months old with cerebral palsy and does not sleep at all at night.

I don’t expect him to sleep all night, just some at night. The main thing is, he does not sleep at night at all. I have tried dim lighting, complete darkness, keeping him up during the day, with no success. Is there anyone with any suggestions to help him rest? His pediatrician says he will…

2 Months Without a Period But Not Pregnant?

Alrighty, So the top part says it all. I have missed my period in the last two months both times but I am highly doubting I am pregnant considering I have no symptoms. I’m not eating more, if any thing i’m eating less. No weight gain. I’m not any more hungry then normal. There is…

Yellow-ish clear liquid from my nipples?? (38 1/2 weeks pregnant)

So if I squeeze the area around my nipples this yellow-ish clear liquid comes out, I was just wondering what it is. And if it means that labour is near, cause that would be awesome!! On wednesday my doctor stretched my cervix and the same day later on I lost my mucus plug (a lot…

What is your favourite ‘S’ baby name?

If you were to have a baby right now, and you had no choice but to name him/her an S name, what would if be? Boy and Girl and you can put more than one.

13 weeks and still no heartbeat?

I had an appointment last week, (my 12th week) and we tried to listen for the heartbeat but couldn’t hear anything. I heard that you should be able to hear it around this time. Is this true?

i think i may be pregnant

i am not not birth control, but my boyfriend and i are always carful and use condoms. I last got my period when i was on holidays at the end of june, but only for three days and it was very light. now it is august 11, and i just got my period but its…

What is the healthiest way to lose pregnancy weight?

its been 3 months since she’s born and so far I lost 2/3 of the weight since I had alot of fluid and swelling to the ankles. but I wanted to know what is the fastest and the easiest way to tighten my stomach and the abs back to the old me. and to lose…

And I got a big bouquet of Mary Jane flowers, that cuuuush?

Does anyone agree that the holidays are going by waaay to fast, and the school days are going by waaaay to slow? My bad too*