Pregnancy and Parenting

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What is your favourite ‘S’ baby name?

If you were to have a baby right now, and you had no choice but to name him/her an S name, what would if be? Boy and Girl and you can put more than one.

13 weeks and still no heartbeat?

I had an appointment last week, (my 12th week) and we tried to listen for the heartbeat but couldn’t hear anything. I heard that you should be able to hear it around this time. Is this true?

i think i may be pregnant

i am not not birth control, but my boyfriend and i are always carful and use condoms. I last got my period when i was on holidays at the end of june, but only for three days and it was very light. now it is august 11, and i just got my period but its…

What is the healthiest way to lose pregnancy weight?

its been 3 months since she’s born and so far I lost 2/3 of the weight since I had alot of fluid and swelling to the ankles. but I wanted to know what is the fastest and the easiest way to tighten my stomach and the abs back to the old me. and to lose…

And I got a big bouquet of Mary Jane flowers, that cuuuush?

Does anyone agree that the holidays are going by waaay to fast, and the school days are going by waaaay to slow? My bad too*

Pregnant Women: what do you eat?

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner while pregnant?

Carter Lane and Sierra Jayde Baby Names? Thots?

We have pretty much decided on these names. Any drawbacks that you can think of? Carter is our boys name and Sierra our girls name. We did not find out the sex of the baby. Our original spelling was Jade, and actually I still prefer it to Jayde. We will probably go with the spelling…

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (morning sickness from hell) anybody else have it/had it?

This is brutal; I’m 10 1/2 weeks, losing weight, eating very little, throwing up a LOT. I’m violently sick pretty much every day, sometimes several times a day. I’m keeping well hydrated so- I don’t have to go to the doctor right? (My family doc is on vacation for a month so I’d have to…

Pre-seed Does it really help you get pregnant fast?

I know this sounds silly! But i read a bit on the pre-seed! is it supposed to make you conceive faster? or does it just make him Ejaculate more? lol or does it just keep the sperm inside you longer? I’m confused as I just heard of this today!